GradJoy Updates
April 6, 2020

New in GradJoy 2.1: COVID-19 Hub, Smarter Payments, and Updated Look

GradJoy 2.1 includes many exciting improvements including a personalized COVID-19 hub, smarter payments, and a refreshed look to help you navigate the app to become debt-free faster and easier!

Your COVID-19 Hub

In GradJoy 2.1, you will find a personalized COVID-19 resource hub to help you manage your student loans and finances through this difficult time. You will be able to easily see all the resources available, how they apply to your student loans, and how to take full advantage of them. Your hub will continue to be personalized and updated in real-time as new resources and aid is available to your specific financial situation.

Smarter Payments + Updated Look

In this new update, GradJoy has made making payments as simple as ever. With the app’s new interface, you can effortlessly see and understand the impact every payment has on your loans and savings. You can also schedule recurring payments to run on specific dates, such as every Monday or the 15th and last of the month, which will allow you to focus on other things while still conquering your loans.

Our team has worked fervently to release this update, and we're very excited to hear how you are enjoying the app! Thus, do not hesitate to send us all your feedback and/or criticism through the app or reach out to our team at [email protected] or (512) 714-6940

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